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All Applicants will be tested using SBT (Scenario Based Training) as recommended by the FAA.  No need for a cross-country assignment given by me, you get to choose from the scenarios listed below.  These scenarios are updated regularly throughout the year.  Please choose your favorite scenario (based on the rating you are applying for) and plan your cross-country accordingly.  Be sure to have your navigation log filled out with the actual weather on checkride day, not forecasted weather from a couple of days ago. 

NOTE 1:  Only do the Navlog to the destination airport, do not plan for trip back.
NOTE 2:  Add-On and ATP practical tests do not require cross-country navigation.

NOTE 3:  Please plan 7-15 miles between the first 3-4 checkpoints on the navlog for PPL and CPL tets.

NOTE 4:  Have the navigation log COMPLETELY filled out prior to the start of the test.  Navigation logs that are not completely filled out prior to test start time will result in test cancellation for the day and a $400 fee will be applied.

Scenarios for Applicants: Text


Private Pilot Applicants:  pick 1 of the 3 scenarios listed below for your Cross-Country planning.



You are a newly minted Private Pilot and your neighbor just found out.   Both of you would like to attend BrewFest in Key West and would rather make a flight than fight 9 hours of traffic.  Your neighbor wants to arrive at sunset and depart the following morning.  Your neighbor is 230 lbs will be bringing a 15 lb backpack.  The FBO closes at 20:00 local and you have a car reserved.


A friend of yours has planned a wedding in the mountains of Asheville, NC.  You are taking the groom (230 lbs) and he says he has 50 lbs of wedding supplies that he needs to bring with him.  The bachelor party is tonight and the wedding is tomorrow morning.  The limo will meet you at the airport at 21:00 local.


Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is putting on a seminar in Pensacola, Florida and you plan to attend the Fly-In with another pilot friend of yours.  Your friend weighs 230 lbs and you plan on bringing 50 lbs of luggage in case you get stuck overnight.  The seminar starts at 1700 local and ends at 2000.  You plan on having dinner after the seminar then flying back home that same night.

Scenarios for Applicants: Our Programs


Instrument Rating Applicants:  pick from 1 of the 3 scenarios listed below for your cross-country planning.



It's family reunion time and you plan on flying in for the event.  You are taking a family member, but they are nervous about the low clouds due to a cold front that just pushed through.  The reunion will be held in Mobile, Alabama.  The family member weighs 230 lbs and the total luggage for the trip is 50 lbs.


You have a job interview in Charleston, SC.  One of your buddies wants to fly along with you for moral support, he has never flown in a small plane before.  Weather is marginal with a trough located between Jacksonville and Charleston.  He weighs 230 lbs and plans on bringing a 40 lb cooler.


You plan on flying to Sarasota with a friend (230 lbs) to visit the beach.  You are bringing a cooler that weighs 40 lbs.  Forecasted weather is marginal with a stationary front parked over Tampa.

Scenarios for Applicants: Our Programs


Commercial Pilot Applicants:  pick from 1 of the 3 scenarios listed below for your cross-country planning.

night flight.jpg


The big one is coming, you have been hired as a Commercial Pilot to ferry a flight school plane out of harms way.  The only safe path is at least 200 miles northwest due to the hurricane forecasted to turn northeast.  The flight school owner doesn't care where you go, as long as you plan to an airport at least 200 miles northwest of the path of this storm.    You are taking along the flight school mechanic with 50 lbs of tools and luggage.  The mechanic weighs 230 lbs.


You have been hired to fly a lawyer to Tampa for a court hearing.  The lawyer owns his own aircraft, but he is not a pilot.  He plans on having dinner downtown with a family friend that lives in Tampa, and wants to fly back that same night.  The lawyer is 230 lbs and he will be bringing a 10 lb briefcase and 30 lbs of legal paperwork.


You are planning a trip to Marathon Key for the weekend in a rental aircraft.  Your  co-worker knows that you are a Commercial Pilot now and would like to hire you to take him to the Keys, he's also offered you $1000 to make the trip.  Are you legal to make this trip?  Be prepared to discuss why/why not.  Your co-worker weighs 230 lbs and he plans on bringing 40 lbs of scuba gear for a diving trip he wants to go on while in the Keys.

Scenarios for Applicants: Our Programs
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