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Welcome to my site.  I am a retired Navy Flight Instructor offering Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) services throughout Florida and Georgia.  I served over 23 years in the United States Navy achieving thousands of hours, with over 800 combat hours overseas.  Deployments to Guam, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Thailand, Okinawa, Diego Garcia, Ecuador, Iceland, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Germany, Iceland, Italy, and Afghanistan.

Duty Stations:

1991-1994:  VQ-1 Guam 

1994-1997:  VQ-1 Whidbey Island, WA

1997-1999:  HT-18 Pensacola, FL

1999-2000:  API / VT-3 Pensacola, FL

2000-2001:  VT-35 Corpus Christi, TX

2001-2004:  VP-5 Jacksonville, FL

2004-2007:  VT-3 Pensacola, FL

2007-2010:  CVN-77 G.H.W. Bush, Norfolk, VA

2010-2013:  VPU-1 Jacksonville, FL 

2013:  Retired


History of Old Buzzard Aviation

Old Buzzard Aviation is named after Navy Special Projects Squadron VPU-1 that was dis-established on Naval Air Station Jacksonville in 2012.  As one of the last remaining Department Heads and pilots in the squadron, I carried on the "Old Buzzard" tradition and started Old Buzzard Aviation Inc. as a tribute to the "Association of Old Buzzards".

I am retired Navy Lieutenant Commander William K. Walker, a 23-year Naval Aviator who has been flying since the 1980's.  Experience includes flying Lockheed P-3 Orion, T-34 Turbo Mentor and C-12 King Air along with countless general aviation aircraft.  I was awarded "Flight Instructor of the Year" while teaching Navy pilots to fly in Pensacola, Florida, and finished my career in Afghanistan and Eastern Africa where I logged 800 combat hours and earned 3 Air Medals.  I elected to forego the airlines after retiring from the Navy to be home every night with my family and become a professional Flight Instructor.  I hold both Airplane and Glider Instructor certificates.   I have since earned the "Gold Seal Flight Instructor" certificate from the FAA and now serve as a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) with the Orlando FSDO.


Old Buzzard Aviation Inc. provided tailwheel endorsements, spin endorsements, aerobatic training and multi-engine training until 2022.  In Spring of 2022, all flight training was suspended in order to shift focus and provide DPE services to the local area.  News, updates and successful practical test applicants are still posted on the Old Buzzard Aviation Facebook page located here: l

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